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Halifax Elementary School

246 Branch Road, West Halifax, Vermont 05358

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It is the vision of the Halifax School 
to develop an encompassing sense of community within the school through the involvement and investment from all members of the school community. 

All School Meeting Recognitions:
September 14, 2017

Jamie - For being kind and considerate of others.
Emily, Jamie, Pyper - Cooperation and teamwork in the face of a challenging activity
Allylianna - For being brave and strong through a trying time.
Lilly - Trying hard and not giving up
Trey - Being excited about learning
Chance - Working hard and staying focused
Declan - Taking your time to do your best work
Aiden - Always being willing to lend a hand
Bella - Being the first to help out others
Keegan - Trying hard and adjusting to a new school

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 Act 46 Committee Information
Click on the following link for the entire document:

Meeting on September 20 @ WSWSU Central Office
aka Old High School in Wilmington

 Unified District board members

Fourth and Fifth Grade Art (Spring 2017 - Elizabeth)

Fourth and Fifth Grade Art (Spring 2017 - Grace)

Student Happenings

Math Olympiad Teams
2016 - 2017

Second and Third Grade Art (Spring 2017)

Kindergarten Art (Spring 2017)